Hi, I am a shy bold girl, who loves to express thoughts.. be it through pen or paint or by appreciating and encouraging talent  and….. everything in between…

I love to learn new stuff and share, with young and old.  To take my tryst with writing skills to the next level, or better say from scratch, I decided to open up this blog to pen down my thoughts and write-ups, which every now and then pop out in the midst of household chores, books, Kitchen laddles, drapes, and  treats….not to forget my three year old son’s inspiring talks and feats…

This decision comes right after i realized that the speed of thought was greater than the time taken for putting it down on paper specially when you have a toddler at your feet helping you out….and writing down on bits of paper and old bills with the intention of making a fair copy in the near future(I’m sure that’s going to be after my son’s graduation) was a promise I never kept. To add on, being amateur at almost everything, things seem to look complicated, but “to begin” is the beginning of anything and everything, the rest will take its course.

“….this Looks Complicated mamma” said my three year old son, peering into the instructions flyer of his new Car race track set, that I was trying to assemble. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, trying to figure out what effected me more…. Where he learnt that word? or how did he actually manage to pronounce it right?

Lesson learnt, I was sorted, I have to redefine the word Complicated for myself first and teach him….the journey begins..




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